Why a “reversed” project scope? Because the most important part in a project is that small detail that makes a big difference. Performance is in the details; progress is in the details; great businesses are those who care most about every little detail, leaving none aside.

Then why start with "I want a website"? Really? Everybody does! Start with the special requirement(s) that will make yours stand out of the crowd; Or if you need something fixed on your website start with what exactly is wrong, what makes it wrong and how you want it to be.

Reversed Project Scope form

Start with your important detail(s) in the Project Requirements below; then keep filling the fields and let see how they'll fit it in the bigger picture. At the end click the magic button to have your project scope delivered to your email.

    Project Requirements*:
    (A.K.A. milestones; objectives that must be met during the project. Need to be quantifiable/measurable and clearly identified.)

    Do you have any drawings or other useful files?

    (Max. 5Mb images, pdf or office files. Will get attached to the email sent.)
    Whew, that was the hardest part! Let’s move on to …

    Project Goals*:
    (A.K.A. deliverables; defining specific details regarding goals is the golden rule)

    Great, now that what you need is crystal-clear, let’s see what you don’t …
    Project Non-goals:
    (items that are specifically not going to be addressed by the project)

    Cool, now let’s refine the whole project in few sentences …
    Project Justification:
    (A.K.A. project statement – set distinct boundaries for the project)

    And finally, let’s give it a name! (it’s easier now, that all details are clear)
    Project Name*:
    (in few words, very clear and concise; provide a vision of where the project is headed)

    Let’s see for whom the cakes are baking ??
    Project Stakeholders:
    (who will benefit directly from the outcome of this project?)

    And let’s see who’s in charge …
    Project Owner*:
    (provides decisions in line with project goals)

    And who’s paying for the whole thing …
    Project Sponsor:
    (pays for development)

    Now this is important: how much money put the sponsor on the line for this project?
    Project Budget*:
    (in USD, as accurate as possible)

    When should be the project completed?
    Project Timeframe*:
    (total would be fine, we’ll break it in milestones later)
    Now, let’s get down to earth
    Does your website exist at this moment?
    (Select NO if you want it built with this project; else select YES to fix something to an existing one)
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    Nice, let’s get some details about it …
    Your website URL:

    Update status:
    (check all that applies)
    Core needs updateSome plugins needs updateTheme needs updateHow much traffic does this website receives?
    (monthly page views)

    Great, let’s see what we need …
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    Now about the hosting …
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    And about the WordPress …
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    And about your potential clients …
    What’s your audience?
    (geografic, interests, devices used, age, gender, etc.)

    Great, we’re about to finish!
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