Why a “reversed” project scope? Because the most important part in a project is that small detail that makes a big difference. Performance is in the details; progress is in the details; great businesses are those who care most about every little detail, leaving none aside.

Then why start with "I want a website"? Really? Everybody does! Start with the special requirement(s) that will make yours stand out of the crowd; Or if you need something fixed on your website start with what exactly is wrong, what makes it wrong and how you want it to be.

Reversed Project Scope form

Start with your important detail(s) in the Project Requirements below; then keep filling the fields and let see how they'll fit it in the bigger picture. At the end click the magic button to have your project scope delivered to your email.

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    (A.K.A. milestones; objectives that must be met during the project. Need to be quantifiable/measurable and clearly identified.)

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