Fastest Share Buttons for WordPress

An extremely fast and mobile friendly social share plugin - no JS, no external API, with SVG icons, cache compatible and highly customizable with more than 20 options.

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Fastest Share Buttons for WordPress shows fixed or floating share buttons in the fastest way ever possible.

How? Well, most of the social networks can share content based only on an URL and some parameters; Fastest Share Buttons for WordPress just generates a valid URL properly filled with the right parameters and show them up as nicely formated buttons.

This way loading any external or local JS resources is unnecessary and we are also avoid waiting for data exchange with any social network.

Another big advantage is that once generated, the URLs stays unchanged (unless you don't change title or content) - and will be cached, along with the CSS files of the buttons. The Fastest Share Buttons for WordPress is thus compatible with all cache plugins out there.

The downside is of course that we won't have share counters - but that can be solved by caching the counters - and this is a future feature on the plugin's roadmap!

Supported Networks

* Facebook
* Twitter
* Google Plus
* Pinterest
* Tumblr
* Email


* Display fixed share buttons *before* or *after* content, selectable for posts, pages, home and archives
* The fixed share buttons are mobile friendly - they get a bit smaller under a certain screen width (selectable)
* Display floating share bar, selectable for posts, pages, home and archives
* The share bar is mobile friendly - it moves on the bottom of the screen under a certain, selectable, screen width and the buttons get a bit smaller under another selectable screen width, so they won't stack up on tiny little screens
* The share bar can stretch to entire screen width when displayed at the screen bottom (selectable option), or it can stay at the center and keep the buttons square
* Each button can be enabled or disabled individually
* User defined buttons size and user defined icon size inside the buttons
* User defined spacing before and after the fixed share bar
* Shortcode available to insert the share buttons wherever you see fit; Just use Fastest Share Buttons for WordPress inside posts or pages.


* Add more styling options (round buttons, custom colors etc.)
* Add option to insert text before fixed buttons
* Connect with a share stats plugin and show total share numbers from its cache
* Add more buttons
* Add options to change buttons order


Access the Fastest Share Buttons for WordPress documentation here.