How to find biggest mailboxes in Linux

Applicable to Ubuntu and post-CentOS operating systems, this method displays all Maildir directories in all /home/ directories together with their size: find /home/ -name Maildir -type d -exec du -hs –summarize –block-size=1M {} \; | awk ‘{if ($1 > 2000) … Read More

How to “grep” for malicious code on Linux

Few basic examples to start with, please beware that none of these is absolute, nor the combination of these are. Just adjust the parts that define the string and the pattern and look at the results, then adjust again, and … Read More

How to end all Dovecot processes on Cent OS 7

Trying to restart Dovecot and getting “Fatal: Dovecot is already running? Socket already exists: /var/run/dovecot/login/login”? Then open a console and end (kill) all processes by running this: for i in `ps aux | grep dovecot | awk ‘{print $2}’` ; … Read More

Allow USDZ mime in WordPress Media Library

Allow USDZ mime in WordPress Media Library is a plugin that simply permits loading and using USDZ 3D models in WordPress Media Library. It makes this possible by adding USDZ extension in the array of MIME types and by returning … Read More

How to monitor resources by process on Linux

When it comes to server resources it’s important to pinpoint which process of which user consumes the most CPU or memory at a certain stage. For this, a dynamic list of processes and their used CPU and memory would be … Read More

Privacy Policy

A. Introduction The privacy of my website visitors is very important to me, and I am committed to safeguarding it. This policy explains what I will do with your personal information. ¬†Consenting to the usage of cookies in accordance with … Read More

No Email, IP and URL for WordPress Comments

No Email, IP and URL for WordPress Comments is a quite simple plugin to remove Email and Website fields from comments area and to stop collecting the commenter’s IP address. Also disables comment system cookie and empties comment notes text.¬†It … Read More