No Email, IP and URL for WordPress Comments

No Email, IP and URL for WordPress Comments is a quite simple plugin to remove Email and Website fields from comments area and to stop collecting the commenter’s IP address.
Also disables comment system cookie and empties comment notes text.┬áIt is also automatically switching the “Comment author must fill out name and email” option in Settings -> Discussion when “Remove Email field” option is switched, because these 2 aren’t compatible.

The plugin is actually a collection of snippets developed over time and conveniently combined in a single plugin, aiding to quickly make the comment section compliant with the latest GDPR regulations.

Now including a settings page to selectively disable or enable any of these WordPress Comments features as needed.

Also compatible with WooCommerce, made sure it removes the Email field from reviews as well.

This is how the settings page looks:

No Email, IP and URL for WordPress Comments

Installing the plugin is easy: just download the ready-made zip archive from Github, go to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload and upload the downloaded zip, then activate it and check the settings in the Comments options page under the Settings section on the left.

Otherwise check the code at the Github repository.

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